So What’s All The Hoopla About?

I was watching a talk show one morning as I was getting ready for work. They were talking about the latest craze to hit romance/erotica readers everywhere….the Fifty Shades of Grey triolgy. I tried to get into it but honestly I’m not that into romance or erotica myself. I’m more of a sci fi kind of chick. I only made it about halfway through the book before giving it up. I couldn’t help but wonder to myself what was all the hype about? But let’s get back to that later.

This talkshow was discussing how reading Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired married couples and people in long term relationships to get a little freakier in the bedroom. Apparently the sex toy industry has been booming since this book hit the market. Now before I continue about the talk show let me give a little background info on the basic premise of Fifty Shades of Grey for those who don’t already know.  It’s basically about this suave super rich guy who seduces a young college grad and introduces her to a whole world of kinky sex. They somehow manage to fall in love with each other in the process.

Keeping this in mind, the thing I really noticed about the people on the talk show though is that most of them had been married for many years and were probably bored to death with their marriages. It just seems like they were craving some good excitement. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is a huge part of why this book is so popular. Are people just bored in their relationships, or generally unsatisfied with their love lives and living vicariously through Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “So What’s All The Hoopla About?

  1. This is great food for thought…I think people are beyond bored in their relationships they’re so much emphasis on sex tips these days…even doctor oz dedicates whole shows to the topic. Really though? Sex is not new, and trying different things not so new either. I guess alot of people are starved for sex, excitement or both.

    • Thanks for the comment Sham. I think Dr Oz does shows on sex because people don’t realize that there’s a whole bunch of health benefits to sex (protected sex specifically). The 50 shades trilogy reminds me a bit of twilight. Twilight was so popular with teenaged girls because they all wanted a boyfriend like Edward Cullen. I think women really want to be seduced by a rich physically attractive tortured soul like Christian Grey.

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