Drake & J.Cole Club Paradise Concert

Hey there peoples!

Want to know what I did this weekend? I went to the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach to see the Club Paradise Concert!

Cool right? So I got there at around 6:30pm. The show wasn’t scheduled to start until 7 so I had plenty of time to take in the scenery.

I’m a big fan of beaches and water as well as music and concerts so I have to say being at a concert right by the water was GREAT for me.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only did the concert start on time…it actually started early! 2 Chains was first to perform and he went on at 6:50 on the dot.

The crowd definitely loved this guy. Next up was Meek Mill.

After that was Waka Flocka Flame. From this point on everyone would have some type of live instrument on the stage. I thought that was cool. Waka Flocka had crazy energy. He even ran into the crowd at some point. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pics of that though.

Now don’t get me wrong the other opening acts were cool but this is the part where they got to the acts I REALLY came to see. I looooovvvvess me some JCole! I got super excited when I saw this little sign on the stage.

The sun was beginning to set when J.Cole took the stage. He performed all of my favorites like, Workout, In the Morning, and Can’t Get Enough. I was little disappointed he didn’t do Mr Nice Watch though.

Here’s some video of J.Cole performing In the Morning.

Finally after the sun had completely set is was time for the headliner to take the stage. Yup, you guessed it….none other than Mr Aubrey Drake Graham…better known as Drake.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a really good shot of him because this guy just don’t not stay still at all. That’s definitely a good thing of course. He definitely puts a lot of energy in his performances. He definitely didn’t come alone either. All of the opening acts (except for J.Cole) made cameo appearances during Drake’s performance. But he didn’t stop with the other rappers that were on the bill to perform. He brought out a lot of surprise guests as well such as, French Montana, The Weeknd, Busta Rhymes, Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and dancehall artist Mavado. I love that he took some time out during the show just to show his fans some special attention. I was overall entertained though I do think he overdid it on the guest appearances. There were some hits he left out of his set (i.e. Best I Ever Had and Find Your Love) that he probably would have had time to perform if he didn’t have so many guests. But over all I definitely had a good night at the Club Paradise Concert. Here’s some more video.

Marvin’s Room (Pardon the Shakiness)

Stay Schemin’


6 thoughts on “Drake & J.Cole Club Paradise Concert

  1. Wow Drake got in his zone in Marvin’s Room! Lol Looks like overall the whole concert was awesome. P.s. I cosign to the J. Cole love

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