Seriously Tho…They Gotta Be Recycling

Ladies….have you ever noticed that there at least 10 (and I mean at the very least) tips on how to please a man in bed in every issue of Cosmo magazine? I’m all for sexual exploration and trying new things and all…but really? Are there really THAT many ways to please a man in bed?

I did a little research. Cosmopolitan started out as a family magazine (how ironic) in 1886. The magazine has been bought and sold about a million times over the years. The woman’s magazine (with all the sex tips and such) that we know today came about in the early 1970s.

So let’s do some math about 10 sex tips (and i’m really low balling here) every month since 1970? It’s 2012…so that’s makes something like 5,040 ways to please a man in bed.

I guess to some that may not seem so far-fetched but if you ask me I say they had to have been recycling tips. There’s only so many creative things you can think up before you’re just thinking of different variations of the same thing. Am I right?


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