Are People Getting More and More Insane? Or Were they Always This Crazy and We’re Just Finding Out?

It seems like I can’t go a day without reading, seeing, or hearing about a depressingly sickening news story.  People are shooting up movie theaters for absolutely no reason.  Senior citizens are getting stabbed on the subway just for asking rowdy girls to quiet down.  Infants are getting molested and killed.  What the hell is going on with the world?

I really don’t remember hearing such sickening stories this frequently before.  It’s really an everyday thing now.  It’s a shame and it’s also quite scary.

Were people always this sick in the head? Was there always such a blatant disregard for human life?  Or is that people were always crazy and thanks to faster traveling information it’s just become more obvious? Is it a little of both?

If you ask me I’d say the break down of community is probably a major factor.  People are treating each other more and more terribly.  People are becoming more and more isolated. Ergo people are placing less and less value on their own lives as well as the lives as others.  I noticed suicide is another thing I’m hearing more and more about these days.  It’s really sad when you think about it. But that’s just my theory.

What do you think? Were people always this crazy? Or is humanity really just becoming more and more cruel?


Will You Watch I Hate L.A. Dudes?

Everyone knows Issa Rae for being the creator of the Awkward Black Girl series.  But did you know she’s doing a new web series called I Hate L.A. Dudes?  Being from New York I know nothing about L.A. dudes so not only will this be hilarious and entertaining for me to watch but also educational.  I’m a huge fan of Awkward Black Girl and Issa Rae so I’m definitely excited to see more of I Hate L.A. dudes.  Check the first minsode below.

Will You Read the Casual Vacancy?

Author JK Rowling announced back in February that she would be writing a book for adults.  The book “The Casual Vacancy” is about how the sudden death of fictional councilman Barry Fairweather shakes up his small hometown of Pagford.  The official release date is set for Sept 27, 2012.

Personally I think it’s cool that JK Rowling decided to write a novel for adults.  As I mentioned in my Fifty Shades of Grey post I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan.  Though I’ve enjoyed other sci-fi series still I’ve yet to read anything written as well as the Harry Potter series.  I’m excited to see how she’ll do writing in a new genre.

So what do you think? Will you be reading the Casual Vacancy?

Do Teenaged Girls Have Their Priorities Straight?

Is it me or have todays teenaged girls completely lost sight of their priorities? I know it wasn’t that long ago that I was a teenager myself but I’m not sure if I’m just interacting with girls that are just different from what I was or if this just an entirely different generation of girls.

Of course boy craziness is something that’s always going to be a part of every girls adolescent years. I’m not saying I wasn’t boy crazy as a teen. I definitely was. But my sole goal in my teen years wasn’t just to have a boyfriend, or to be super sexy, or to brag about what I thought I knew about sex.

Yes I’m guilty of doing all of those things as a teen but that wasn’t what it was all about. I had dreams of going to a HBCU. I envisioned my college years would be something like the movie Drumline or School Daze. I had plans on joining a sorority. Granted I ended up changing my mind about most of those things but the point is I gave it a considerable amount of thought.

I actually got involved in extra curricular activities in school. I was a member of the choir. I took dance classes. I took voice lessons. I was co chair of the model congress. I was in a special program that allowed me to learn so much about information technology. I actually valued good grades.

I wasn’t alone when it came to being motivated either. All of my friends were this way. We were all smart and motivated. That didn’t mean we were uncool or nerdy. It didn’t mean we didn’t date or have our occasional teen drama. But despite all that we knew there was much more to life than that.

It seems like today’s teenaged girls have lost sight of that. Now when I talk to young girls all they ever have to talk about is boys and sex. I never hear then talk about their hopes and dreams for the future. I never hear them talk about what careers they want to pursue. I don’t even hear them talking about building lasting bonds with these boys. They think being a “bad bitch” or a freak is enough to keep their attention then they end up heartbroken when they realize that’s not the case.

A girl actually told me with a straight face that she wanted to be a stripper when she grew up. No self-respecting girl would’ve ever dared utter those words when I was teen.

So what’s the problem with today’s youth. Is it a lack of positive role models in the media? Is it bad parenting? What do you think?

Are Box Braids Making a Comeback?

Do you notice anything these four pictures have in common? Sure they all feature beautiful African-American singers.  Yes all four ladies are rocking box braids.  But the major thing all four of these pics have in common is none of them were taken in the 90s or even the early 2000s.  That was the time box braids were mostly in style…or maybe not.

Even as go through day to day life I’m seeing more and more ladies rocking box braids or long two strand twists.  It looks like they’re making a comeback.  I’m not mad.  Box braids used to be my staple hairstyle through junior high and high school. I gladly welcome back the trend.

Meaningful Melodies: Solo Star

Hey people. Check out my second contribution to  They were gracious enough to let me post in their meaningful melodies section.  This basically brings attention to any song that inspires or uplifts brown girls.  I chose Solo Star by Solange Knowles.  Click here to find out why it’s a meaningful melody for me.

Confidence Comes From Within

Has anyone ever had that friend that’s constantly looking for reassurance?  You know, that person that’s always fishing for compliments, or always asking people what they think of them, or always looking for attention.  Well this post is for them.

Attention seeking really isn’t all that effective when it comes to boosting one’s self-esteem.  Sure it helps if you’re having a bad day to hear a compliment from someone.  But really it’s useless unless you believe the compliment is true.  If you don’t really believe you’re beautiful, or smart, or talented, you may be temporarily appeased by someone’s compliment.  But then later you’ll only just begin to wonder if they really meant or if they were just being nice because they didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

At the end of the day true confidence has to come from within. A person who is truly ok with themselves can hear a compliment and know it’s the truth.  They won’t need to hear compliments all day every day over and over and over again because they already know they’re good.

 It’s also important not to confuse confidence with conceit. A  conceited person is someone who has to constantly brag or promote themselves because they’re trying to convince themselves of their own greatness just as much as they’re trying to convince other people. They also tend to always want compete intensely with those around them.  They always have to be the best at everything.  They always have to be the center of attention. 

A true confident person doesn’t have to broadcast their greatness all over the world.  It simply shows in how they carry themselves.  A true confident person has no problems sharing the spotlight or supporting others in their greatness.

The moral of the story is.  You can’t depend on others to help you love yourself.  Only you can do that.  True confidence comes from within.