Random Thoughts on Fortune

Hey peoples! In case you didn’t know already, Chris Brown released his fifth studio album Fortune yesterday. For me this was the first time in ages I’d actually anticipated an album release and actually bought it on it’s release date.

I know Chris Brown’s actions in his personal life are often questionable and I don’t agree with or condone a lot of what he does but I do still very much enjoy his work. I thought FAME was a great album and I also enjoyed the singles from Fortune Turn Up the Music, Strip, and Til I Die. Naturally I was looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

I’d say Fortune is another job well done for Chris. Upon first listen there wasn’t a single track that I skipped over. However, when I buy albums I tend to zero in on my most favorite tracks and then forget about the rest of it. With that said I see about half the album getting regular rotation in my iPod. That’s a good thing. Normally I’ll only focus on like 2 or 3 songs.

Ok now for thoughts on the music itself. Fortune is a lot more pop oriented than FAME. Although FAME is heavily pop influenced also I’d say it’s a bit more urban than it is pop. With Fortune it’s the other way around.

The only real urban tracks on the album are Strip, Mirage, and Til I Die. The rest of it is either pop fused with R&B, pop fused with hip hop, or just straight pop. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re a huge fan of pop. But if you’re looking for Chris on urban radio this summer you’re probably not going to hear much of him unless he’s featured on someone else’s song.

Of course there’s definitely no shortage of sex music lol. Chris proudly flaunts his inner freak on tracks like 2012, Sweet Love, Tell Somebody, and Touch Me. But he also shows his softer more romantic songs like Don’t Judge Me, Stuck on Stupid, Free Run and Wait for You.

If you’re looking for the upbeat dance tracks Chris took care of that as well on tracks like Bassline, Trumpet Lights, and of course the lead single Turn Up the Music.

Overall I enjoyed listening to Fortune. My only criticism is I wish there were more real urban tracks on the album. If I were to pick my favorite three tracks (not including singles) they would be Mirage, Wait for You, and Biggest Fan.

What do you think about Fortune?


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Fortune

    • Not sure if this album is too man friendly. This one is definitely more geared towards the ladies but yeah check it out and see what conclusions you come too.

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