Wayne Brady Will Slap the Sh*t Out of Bill Maher!

It comes as absolutely no surprise to hear to hear that someone else has been pissed off by comedian Bill Maher. However I’m interested in this particular story because the person in question is Wayne Brady.  It’s always nice to see him step a little bit out of his usual squeaky clean character.  Furthermore I believe Bill Maher deserves to have the shit slapped out of him. He’s a total condescending prick and this is the reason I stopped watching Real Time with Bill Maher A LONG time ago.

But anyway I digress.  Let me give you the back story.  Apparently Bill Maher has been criticizing President Obama’s level of blackness and has been insulting him by comparing him to Wayne Brady.  Wayne Brady didn’t take to kindly to that.  I don’t blame him at all.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Wayne Brady having a squeaky clean image.  There DEFINITELY isn’t anything wrong with the President having a squeaky clean image.  This is how it’s supposed to be.

With all of the negative portrayals of African American’s scattered all over the media (i.e. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and other forms of reality tv nonsense) we need more Wayne Bradys and President Obamas out there to be role models to our young and impressionable adolescents. We need more positive images of African-Americans to break all the negative stereotypes of African-Americans.

If I were ever considering watching Real Time with Bill Maher ever again this definitely would’ve changed my mind.  Read more about this story here or listen to a clip of Wayne Brady speaking about Bill Maher below.


2 thoughts on “Wayne Brady Will Slap the Sh*t Out of Bill Maher!

  1. Ohhh snap! Wayne Brady is gonna give him the pimp hand. But ok on a serious note, its extremely frustrating that negative stereotypes of black people are lauded but positivity gets struck down as “being uppity”, selling out, “acting white”. I applaud Wayne Brady for dusting that dirt off his shoulder.

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