Cool New Music

Hey people! Guess what? Two of my favorite singers released some some new music recently.

First up is Elle Varner with I Don’t Care.  So far I haven’t heard anything I haven’t liked from her. I really dig this song. I’m definitely looking forward to the release of her debut album Perfectly Imperfect.  It sounds like it’s going to be really great.

Next is Jojo with Demonstrate.  I’ve been a fan of Jojo since her debut back in 2004.  She was only 13 then but she showed exceptional vocal talent for her age.  I also liked that she was clearly heavily influenced by r&b music.  She took a turn towards more pop sounding music for her sophomore album (which I didn’t like as much) but I’m glad to see her returning to her r&b influenced roots. It’s also interesting to see her show off how much she’s grown since her debut album.  Now she’s not afraid to use adult language or show her sexual side in her music.  I like it. Check it out.


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