Confidence Comes From Within

Has anyone ever had that friend that’s constantly looking for reassurance?  You know, that person that’s always fishing for compliments, or always asking people what they think of them, or always looking for attention.  Well this post is for them.

Attention seeking really isn’t all that effective when it comes to boosting one’s self-esteem.  Sure it helps if you’re having a bad day to hear a compliment from someone.  But really it’s useless unless you believe the compliment is true.  If you don’t really believe you’re beautiful, or smart, or talented, you may be temporarily appeased by someone’s compliment.  But then later you’ll only just begin to wonder if they really meant or if they were just being nice because they didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

At the end of the day true confidence has to come from within. A person who is truly ok with themselves can hear a compliment and know it’s the truth.  They won’t need to hear compliments all day every day over and over and over again because they already know they’re good.

 It’s also important not to confuse confidence with conceit. A  conceited person is someone who has to constantly brag or promote themselves because they’re trying to convince themselves of their own greatness just as much as they’re trying to convince other people. They also tend to always want compete intensely with those around them.  They always have to be the best at everything.  They always have to be the center of attention. 

A true confident person doesn’t have to broadcast their greatness all over the world.  It simply shows in how they carry themselves.  A true confident person has no problems sharing the spotlight or supporting others in their greatness.

The moral of the story is.  You can’t depend on others to help you love yourself.  Only you can do that.  True confidence comes from within.


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