I Don’t Care If Black Men Like White Women

I wish I had the link to the article that inspired this post but unfortunately I don’t. It doesn’t matter anyway I’ve seen a million articles in the same vein anyway. The article I’m talking about is one that had a lot of African-American female’s having fits. It was about the reasons that black men prefer white women.

I didn’t bother to get upset about the article and here’s why. First off, it’s bullshit anyway. There’s this stereotype that all white women are really freaky, and submissive, and don’t give problems and all black men prefer that. Nope. Not true. Not all white women are doormats. Not all black men want a doormat. Steve Harvey just made a fortune off of a book that advises women to quit being doormats. Do you think he’d do that if all black men wanted a doormat?

Furthermore, not all black women are angry, neck rolling, finger snapping, drama queens. We know how to be ladylike too. We know how to make our men feel good to. Our men know this. I don’t buy into any of these stupid stereotypes.

So what if some black men happen to like white women? Does that make black women any less beautiful or loveable? Does that make it impossible to find a man who will love us? Does that even mean that those same guys don’t like black women? Nope! I wish more black women would realize this. Often the case is simple. Black men just like beautiful women…period! Cue Young Money’s Every Girl.

Lastly the biggest reason I don’t really care if black men like white women is because frankly I like white men, and latino men, and just beautiful men in general. Also if you haven’t noticed yet, men of other races find black girls attractive too. Chris Noth, Robert DeNiro, Robin Thicke, and David Bowie are all with beautiful black women.

I’m no stranger to dating outside of my race. As a matter of fact my longest relationship to date is with someone not of my race. It doesn’t at all mean that I don’t love black men. Of course I love black men. I just don’t limit myself to only dating one race. So why would I blame black men for doing the same? Love is a huge blessing no matter the package it comes in.


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