Dominique Dawes Passes the Torch to Gabby Douglas

It’s always a beautiful sight to see black women supporting each other.   I’ve always been a huge supporter of the Olympics games.  But unlike most of my friends my favorite sports weren’t basketball and track and field.  Though I do enjoy watching those sports too my favorite sports were always gymnastics and swimming.

I remember when Dominique Dawes became the first and only African-American woman to win a gold medal in artistic gymnastics back in 1996.  I was 9 years old and I thought she was the coolest chick in the world.  I even wanted to be a gymnast myself because of her, though of course I ended up changing my mind about that.

It was great to see another black female win Olympic gold in gymnastics this year.  Seeing Gabby Douglas win a gold medal brought back memories of when I used to be so excited to watch Dominique Dawes compete.  I’m glad I got to see another African-American female win gold in gymnastics in my lifetime.  And I’m glad Dominique Dawes is supporting her.  Great job ladies! Click here to get the full story.


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