Thoughts on Perfectly Imperfect

Elle Varner’s long awaited debut album Perfectly Imperfect was released yesterday. I was super excited to give it a listen. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The thing I like most about this album and Elle Varner in general are definitely the lyrics and subject matter.

First off she writes most of her own music. That’s definitely a plus. But the thing I really like is that she writes about everyday situations that most women out there can relate to. She’s not singing about the unrealistic fairy tale relationship or perfect life that no one has. She’s singing about reality.

On So Fly she talks about being insecure about her appearance. That’s definitely something all women can relate to but most artists don’t make music about. On Damn Good Friend’s she talks about falling in love with a close friend that doesn’t love her the same way she loves him. On Not Tonight she sings about being afraid to approach a guy she’s interested in. I myself can definitely relate to these things and I know plenty of women who also can relate to these things as well.

Another thing I like about this album is that she’s singing about real life situations without being depressing about it. There’s always some hint of optimism even if she’s singing about something saddening. Also she does sing about the up side of love on songs like Leaf, and the singles Refill, Only Wanna Give it to You, and I Don’t Care. On Oh What a Night she sings about a fun and crazy night on the town. She also shows a little bit of her sexual side on Sound Proof Room.

I definitely think all the ladies that love r&b music need to get this album. You’ll love it I promise. I most certainly do.


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