Thoughts on Jhene Aiko’s New Video 3:16 AM

My Jhene Aiko has certainly grown since the days when she played sidekick to former boy band B2K.  I remember the days when she would constantly make cameo’s in B2K’s music videos.  They would always find ways to sneak some of her tracks onto B2K albums and they would always tell their fans to look out for her debut album.  However, that debut album never came.

It seems as if those days are long behind her now.  B2K is no more and it seems and now Jhene is making a name for herself as her own woman as opposed to being Lil Fizz’s cousin.  I think this is great for her.

She’s shown amazing growth since those days.  I actually downloaded a copy of her mixtape Sailing Souls and was actually pleasantly surprised to hear her singing about much more deep and mature subject matter than I was used to hearing from her.  Then again I guess that’s what age and motherhood would do to anyone.

She’s set to finally release her debut album Souled Out on Def Jam sometime this year.  Below is the video for her new single 3:16 am.  It definitely gives off the dark and tortured vibe.  This is has been done more that once in rap videos (ie Eminem 3 AM and Kanye West Monster) but it’s not so common with singers.

It’s cool Jhene exploring more mature subject matter but I hope her whole album isn’t going to be this dark. I’d like to hear her do some upbeat tracks more light hearted as well.

Anyway check out the video below.


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