Keshia Chante’s Aaliyah Inspired Photoshoot

Whether or not Keshia Chante will play Aaliyah in a movie about her life is still up in the air but in the meantime she’s paying tribute through photos.  It really is eerie how much she looks like Aaliyah.

Sidenote: Everybody’s waiting for the greenlight for this Aaliyah biopic but I been waiting for years for Keshia Chante to release an album in the US (she’s Canadian and still has yet to release an album in the states).  I actually dug her debut album. I was almost sure her sophomore album would be released in the US after the video for her single Bad Boy saw some rotation on BET but nope. I’m not really crazy about the popish direction her music has taken these days though. I’m more of a fan of her older stuff.  See more pics from the shoot here. Check out the latest and greatest from Keshia Chante below.


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