Thoughts on Rihanna’s Interview With Oprah

I know I’m late posting on this but I still wanted to share my thoughts on Rihanna’s Oprah interview.  What I liked the most about the interview is seeing a softer side of Rihanna.  In the public eye she’s always so hard and hyper sexual and somewhat masculine.  It was definitely a breath of fresh air to see her soft and vulnerable.

I was able to relate to a lot of the topics discussed in her interview.  I lost my grandmother to cancer last year just as Rihanna lost her grandmother to cancer this year.  Hearing her talk about comparing everyone visiting her and being by her side to party made me remember my own grandmother and how she was also smiling and joking all the way to the end.  It was very touching.

Another part that stood out to me was when she said in the beginning she had to fake being comfortable with her sexuality.  I always thought her super raunchy image wasn’t something entirely of her own doing.  I always felt the people behind her probably pushed her to make that her image.  Not to say Rihanna isn’t a sexual being.  All women are.  I just never thought it was truly as blatant and her image portrayed.  It was nice to hear her admit that it didn’t come naturally.

Lastly of course I have thought on the segment about Chris Brown.  Though I was never physically abused I felt like I could relate somewhat to her feelings as well.  I particularly relate to the part when she compares Chris Brown to her father.  Oprah goes on to mention the connection between a girl’s relationship with her father very highly affects her relationships with me.  I couldn’t agree more. I’ve often found that my relationships tend to bear a striking resemblance to the relationship I once had with my father (which was very one-sided).  And I’ve also found that improving my relationship with my father has also helped me heal from past heart breaks and to move on with a clean slate.

Overall I think every female will probably find something to relate to Rihanna’s Oprah interview.  Check out the full interview here.


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