An Elected Official That Doesn’t Know Basic Human Sexuality? Does That Even Make Sense?

It was one thing when Rush Limbaugh said that women on birth control are  sluts.  Yes it was a ridiculously stupid comment.  But for the most part I just ignored it.  I didn’t feel like wasting energy responding to a guy that was obviously a total moron. 

Most importantly Rush Limbaugh is nothing but a radio host.  He’s a private citizen just like the rest of us normal people and does not have the power to create policies.  So frankly I don’t care what his opinion is.

Now Todd Akin, a US representative from Missouri, saying that if a woman get’s pregnant as a result of rape then she wasn’t legitimately raped is a totally different ball game.  According to Akin doctors claim that if a woman is forced into intercourse against her will her body will reject the sperm.  Excuse my language but….you have to be f*cking kidding me!

In the year 2012 I shouldn’t even having to explain this but I’ll do it anyway.  If a woman has unprotected sex so long as her reproductive organs are functional she can get pregnant. PERIOD. Whether or not it was consensual is completely and totally irrelevant.  This is basic human sexuality not rocket science.

It’s plainly obvious that these claims are not only stupid but blatantly misogynistic.  Everyone sees that so I won’t go into detail about it.  My concern is that this man is an elected official working for the United States government.  He has the power to create and change laws.  If he truly believes that women have some magical internal defense mechanism that can prevent them from getting pregnant when raped then there is something seriously wrong with this picture. 

Aren’t government officials supposed to be intelligent?  I did a little research on Todd Akin.  Apparently he has a degree in management engineering. Unless he bought this degree at the convenient store it doesn’t make sense that he doesn’t know a simple fact that most high schoolers are aware of.  What’s worse is this guy wants to run for senate!

Am I the only one that thinks it’s a bit odd that more and more supposedly educated government officials are starting to look like blithering idiots? What do you think?


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