Enjoy That Time of the Month

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve all seen that always commercial that says “have a happy period”.  Of course most women think that’s a huge joke.  How can a woman be happy when she’s bleeding, cramping, tired, and bloated? But is is really all that impossible to have a happy period?  I’d like to think it isn’t.

Personally I like to celebrate all parts of womanhood, including that time of the month.  I find it helps to stop dreading it and take it as an excuse to pamper the hell out of myself.

Use that time of the month to show yourself some extra love and care.  If you know get fatigued then cut your to do list in half.  Whatever can wait for another 5-7 days then let it wait.  If you can take the day off from work/ school then go ahead and do that.  If you’re on a diet give yourself permission to cheat on your diet and treat yourself to some junk food (in moderation of course).

If you can, just lay on the couch and catch up on your favorite tv shows or read that book you never finished reading. Relax with a cup of tea (I reccomend red raspeberry leaf tea, it helps with the cramps) If you have the money, treat yourself to massage.  This is your time to spoil yourself.  Make the time to do a few things just for you. Don’t just have a happy period…celebrate it!


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