Be an Adult and Say What’s on Your Mind

I’m so over passive aggression.  It’s gotten so much worse with the rise of social networking.  I can’t check my facebook twitter or instagram without seeing some type of cryptic post directed at someone specific. 

I don’t claim to be a saint with regards to the infamous cryptic social network post.  I too am guilty of venting about my frustrations publicly but I find myself making more of a conscious effort to tone it down.  Why you ask? Beacuse I’m not a teenager anymore.  I’m an adult and it’s time I learn to just say what’s on my mind directly to the person that’s bothering me.

The same goes for passive aggression in person.  Backhanded compliments, snide remarks, and barely audible insults are so immature. Again, I don’t pretend to be perfect. I get particularly disappointed when people who are considerably older than me engage in this behavior.  It makes me feel like we’ve never really left high school.  

If you have a problem with someone just speak your mind directly and be done with it.


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