H.A.R.I. Launch Event

I went to Naturally Sexie and Natural Brown Beautie’s H.A.R.I. Launch event this weekend. H.A.R.I stands for healthy image respectful image. What I loved about this even was that it was about so much more than just natural hair. No topic was off-limits. They discussed everything from hair, to relationships, to health.

Also it was just great to be in the company of such great strong and powerful women. There was definitely a vibe of sisterhood in the building that day.

I was happy to run into a familiar face, Cassie Morales of Be Bonafide magazine.

She was one of the guest speakers and her magazine also happened to be one of the prizes in the raffle.

There was also a demonstration from Kinetic Fitness Studio. This is when I learned that you can get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home using only resistance bands.

Natural Hair stylist Debra Hare-Bey was also in the building for a Q&A session.

She stressed the importance of knowing the ingredients of your hair products. A lot of the chemicals that can be found in beauty products are actually carcinogenic (meaning they cause cancer). If you don’t want it in your body you shouldn’t be putting it on your body. What ever gets put on your skin (or scalp) gets absorbed into your blood stream.

There was also a very raw spoken word performance from poet Phantom Knoet (sidenote: I absolutely LOVED her outfit. That hat was fly!). Check out the performance below.

Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful also stopped by for a Q&A session.

She stressed the importance of embracing your hair’s natural texture. The only way you can alter your hair’s natural texture is by using chemicals. There are no natural products that can turn kinky hair into curly or wavy hair.

There was also a demonstration on how vitamin c supplements benefit your health and a panel discussion on how the natural hair movement affects people’s personal relationships. Would you believe guys actually leave their girls over their hair?

Overall it was a great night for sisterhood, health, and of course natural hair.


6 thoughts on “H.A.R.I. Launch Event

  1. Good Event Mizz Moodie,

    I did not know you did an blog about the event. I feel so bad that I couldn’t thank you sooner. I love the story & I’m glad that you enjoyed it. You got out of it what we what to give to you guys. The next one will be in May. I hope to see you there.

    Thank you so much!

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