© Thirty Three Photography, inc

© Thirty Three Photography, inc

A lot of people ask me, “so what is your blog about?”. I never have a definitive answer for them. I really wish I could put mizzmoodie.com into a nice neat category. Trust me I’ve tried to stick to one subject like most blogs but the truth of the matter is I can’t. Too often things happen in life that you can’t categorize. Things don’t always make sense. Things can’t always be labeled or put in a nice neat box. So I choose not to blog in a nice neat box. I don’t have just one interest. I’m knowledgeable in more than one subject. I’m inspired by a variety of things. The only thing I can guarantee will remain constant about mizzmoodie.com is that it will remain true to me. Mizz Moodie. And I’m just too complex to put a label on or put in a category.

-Mizz Moodie


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