H.A.R.I. Launch Event

I went to Naturally Sexie and Natural Brown Beautie’s H.A.R.I. Launch event this weekend. H.A.R.I stands for healthy image respectful image. What I loved about this even was that it was about so much more than just natural hair. No topic was off-limits. They discussed everything from hair, to relationships, to health.

Also it was just great to be in the company of such great strong and powerful women. There was definitely a vibe of sisterhood in the building that day.

I was happy to run into a familiar face, Cassie Morales of Be Bonafide magazine.

She was one of the guest speakers and her magazine also happened to be one of the prizes in the raffle.

There was also a demonstration from Kinetic Fitness Studio. This is when I learned that you can get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home using only resistance bands.

Natural Hair stylist Debra Hare-Bey was also in the building for a Q&A session.

She stressed the importance of knowing the ingredients of your hair products. A lot of the chemicals that can be found in beauty products are actually carcinogenic (meaning they cause cancer). If you don’t want it in your body you shouldn’t be putting it on your body. What ever gets put on your skin (or scalp) gets absorbed into your blood stream.

There was also a very raw spoken word performance from poet Phantom Knoet (sidenote: I absolutely LOVED her outfit. That hat was fly!). Check out the performance below.

Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful also stopped by for a Q&A session.

She stressed the importance of embracing your hair’s natural texture. The only way you can alter your hair’s natural texture is by using chemicals. There are no natural products that can turn kinky hair into curly or wavy hair.

There was also a demonstration on how vitamin c supplements benefit your health and a panel discussion on how the natural hair movement affects people’s personal relationships. Would you believe guys actually leave their girls over their hair?

Overall it was a great night for sisterhood, health, and of course natural hair.


Is Natural Hair Unprofessional?

The natural hair movement is taking the world by storm, however it still has yet to be accepted in the corporate world. I’m seeing this issue come up more and more in the African-American community. The most prominent story I can think of is Hamton University’s Business School instituting a ban on dreadlocks. You can read more about that here.

I have a friend who’s in accounting that is transitioning into natural hair. I asked her why she didn’t just braid her hair until it was long enough to wear on its own. She told me it would be considered unprofessional for her to wear braids.

Personally, I work in somewhat of an office environment but fortunately the dress code at my job is pretty lenient. They don’t have any problems with me (or anyone else) wearing natural hair however the thought of perhaps changing jobs scares me bit. If I decide to move into corporate America will my hair be a problem?

I think it’s unfair to deem natural hair unprofessional. I hate to play the race card yet again but I have to give my honest opinion here. The corporate world is dominated by white males so in order to be accepted among these white males we have to conform to their standards of beauty. Most white women don’t have to damage their hair to get it bone straight because that’s how it naturally grows. For me as a black woman in order to get my hair like that I’d have resort to all sorts of unhealthy styling techniques that may very well result in my hair falling out. The other alternative would be to just not wear my own hair at all (in other words get a weave or wear a wig).

Why should I have to damage my hair by altering its natural state just to make these white men comfortable? Wearing my hair natural doesn’t make me a Black Panther. Wearing my hair natural doesn’t mean I hate white people. I’m not trying to make some radical political statement with my hair. I’m just chosing not to alter the natural state of my hair. Is that a crime?

Don’t get me wrong I understand that appearance and dress codes are important in a professional environment. I’m just arguing that black women (and men) chosing to wear their hair in its natural state doesn’t compromise their professional look.

To address the Hampton University controversy specifically, I think it’s unfortunate that a HBCU is further perpetuating the stigma attached to natural hair. The whole purpose of the natural hair movement is to allow black women to just be themselves without feeling any pressure to look a certain way. I would’ve hoped an establishment build to help uplift young black people would understand that.

What do you think. Does natural hair have any place in the corporate world?

Create Your Own Feel It Formula

I’m sure some of you may have seen the Dr Miracle comercials and have herd of the famous feel it formula.  The story is that their products are so good you can feel them working.

I’ve tried Dr Miracle products before.  I wasn’t particularly impressed.  The again I’m bit of a natural snob, meaning not only is my hair natural but I like my hair products like I like my food….natural and organic. There are usually a whole host of unhealthy chemicles in conventional beauty products.  Unfortunately Dr Miracle is no exception.

Basically all the feel it formula does is make your scalp tingle.  There are simply ways to get that tingly sensation in your scalp without the unhealthy chemicles, and chances it are it will actually be cheaper in the long run.

All you need to is grab your favorite carrier oil (like avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or coconut oil) and mix it with a little bit of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, or eucallyptus oil and massage it into your scalp.  All of these oils promote a healthy scalp and will give you the same tingly feeling.  You can even mix and match according to your needs.

Tea tree oil is know to have anti fungal properties and is effective in treating dry itchy scalp and dandruff. Eucalyptus oil is a natural antiseptic and it helps stimulate growth as well as gives the hair more shine.  It’s also good for dry and itchy scalp.  Peppermint oil is known to balance the ph levels of the scalp therefore it can treat both dry and oily scalp.  It also relieves itching and stimulates hair growth.  Peppermint oil also has the most pleasant scent of the three oils.

NARS to Release Andy Warhol Inspired Collection

NARS is set to release a new collection of cosmetics this fall inspired by visual artist and film maker Andy Warhol. The collection is due to be released just in time for the holiday shopping season.  A collection that will be sold only in Sephora will be available Oct 1st and second collection that will be available in department stores will be available Nov 1st. Read more about it here.

What do you think? Will you be picking some Andy Warhol inspired makeup this holiday season?

Azealia Banks Gets Her Own MAC Lipstick

So it looks like another female rapper will be getting their out shade of MAC  lipstick.  The deep purple shade called Young Rapunxel will be available online on Sept 5th and available in stores Sept 6th.

Although I wasn’t happy with how Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday MAC lipstick shade looked on my not so fair skin tone I think I’ll still give Young Rapunxel a try.  I feel a lot better about this shade mostly because Azealia Banks herself has a dark skin tone.

What do you think ladies? Will you be grabbing a tube of Young Rapunxel?

Will You Buy Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance?

Nicki Minaj recently gave the public a look at what the bottle for her new  fragrance Pink Friday will look like.  It’s not particularly shocking to me.  It’s pretty much what I expected from her.  Nicki says via twitter the fragrance smells like “angels playing”.  It’s due to be released in late September.

Personally I think I’ll pass.  After going crazy to buy the exclusive MAC Pink Friday lipstick only to find it didn’t quite look right on my skin tone I decided to stop buying products just because they’re a celebrity product.  I decided it’s better to just stick to what works best for me.  I’m over celebrity fragrances in general anyway. 

What do you think? Will you be buying Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance?

DIY Spa Idea: Bringing the Beach to Your Bathroom

Everyone knows that trips to the beach are loads of fun but do you know  that it could also be great for  your skin.  Ocean water contains loads of minerals and nutrients that promote healthy skin.  Seaweed is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to skin, which is why it’s being used more and more in skin care products.  Sand is also one of nature’s best exfoliants.

So what happens when winter comes or when you can’t make it to the some beach for any other reason? Bring the beach to you!

It’s easy! All you have to do is fill your bathtub with water and add your favorite bath salts and some seaweed power or kelp powder to recreate the ocean in your bathtub.  Follow up with a nice body scrub to recreate the exfoliating benefits of sand. End with your favorite body lotion to replenish moisture.

Here are some recommended brands of sea salt.

  1. Masada
  2. Earth Therapeutics
  3. Dead Sea Spa Magik

Here are some recommended brands of seaweed/ kelp powder

  1. The Seaweed Bath Co
  2. Now Foods
  3. Nature’s Wisdom

Here are some recommended brands of body scrub

  1. H2O+
  2. St Ives
  3. Alba Hawaiian