Mizz Moodie at Street Poets NYC Open Mic


Me singing her song How Can I with the Danny Severance Band at Street Poets NYC Open Mic


KNC Concepts Glam Sensation Beauty Expo

Hey people!

For those of you who caught my show ons soul mates you remember that my guest Kim Nicole was having an upcoming beauty expo.  I just figured I’d give you guys a little update on how it went.  If you didn’t catch my show on soul mates you should go check it out now!

Anyway the name of the beauty expo (as suggested in the title) was called Glam Sensation.


It was held at Tracks Cafe and unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience it from beginning to end.  I did however make the most out of the time I did have there.  As soon as I got in I scored myself a free goodie bag.

Next I got to scope the vendor tables.


These are some t-shirts from I Am Culture. The complete list of vendors is actually included in the flyer above.

After I grabbed a declicous chocolate and a delicious red velvet cupcake from the Ruby Cupcakes table I grabbed a seat to watch the fashion show! Here are some pics.







It was also great to run into my good friend (and regular on this blog lol) Cassie Morales of Be Bonafide Magazine.


You can check her guest appearance on my show here if you haven’t heard it already.

And of course I couldn’t let the night pass without getting a picture with the brains behind this whole operation Kim Nicole!



Overall it was a great night with great people! I look forward to attending whatever future events KNC Concepts ma

Pics From Afro Punk Festival Day 2

If I could say anything about Afro Punk Fest day 2 it would be that it was way more crowded than day 1.  Word definitely spread about this very cool event.  Day 1 I was able to walk in without a problem or delay.  Day 2 there was a line that stretched all the way around the block.  Luckily it moved pretty quickly.

When I made it in the first thing that caught my eye was the group of people dancing their hearts out to the hip hop music the dj was playing.  The energy was crazy.  I wished I couldn’t join them but I wasn’t wearing proper dance attire.

Next I spotted something going on in the same are where they had the skating contest.  Only this time there weren’t only skateboards there were bikes too.  Again I’d never seen anybody do tricks like these on a bike in person before.  For some reason I was less nervous about the bikers injuring themselves (as opposed to the nervousness I felt when I watched the skaters).

I was able to grab some footage of the biking. Check it out.

After the biking I headed over to a different side of the park to enjoy whatever live performances were going on and ran into Jimmy McMillan aka Mr “the rent is too damn high!”.

I asked him for a photo before telling him that I agreed with him wholeheartedly.  The rent is too high. He responded’ “No the rent is too DAMN high”. lol.

After walking around a little longer I found the Nakimuli tent among the vendors. I spotted some friends of mine there.


I stopped to stay hi to my friends The Architect, JonnyGo Figure, and Amina Gonzales (creator of the Made By AG jewelry line).


After having a friendly chat with my homies I went to spread my blanket, sit on the grass and enjoy the atmosphere as I waited for Janelle Monae to perform. The day before I had missed Erykah Badu’s performance so I definitely didn’t want to miss Janelle Monae.


I had a good view of the Brooklyn Navy Yard


Unfortunately I sat in the grass for so long I missed the first few minutes of Janelle Monae’s performance. I was sitting on side of the park while she was performing on the other side.  By the time I got to the right side of the park I didn’t exactly have the best view.  This is best pic I could get of the performance.  My friend (who is considerably taller than me) had to take it for me.


I still enjoyed the show very much despite my not having a good view.  I never paid Janelle Monae much attention before this night but I left definitely wanting to hear more.

Overall I totally enjoyed my Afro Punk experience.  I’ll definitely be back next year.

Pics From Afro Punk Festival Day 1

I was super excited to attend Afro Punk Festival 2012. I love outdoor events like this. It was held in Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn NY (my hometown of course).

The first think I did when I entered the park was take a look at who was on the stage. There wasn’t anyone performing though. They were in between sets.

So next I took a look at the skateboarding contest. It was pretty cool.

I really enjoyed watching because I’d never seen a skateboarding contest before. However, I have seen the tv series Scarred (where they show a whole bunch horrific freak accidents that happened during skateboarding, biking, roller blading, etc). Most of the time I was nervous someone would hurt themself. Here’s some footage of the skateboarding.

There were also live performances during the skateboarding contest. You can hear them in the video. Here is a picture of one of the performers.


What I also thought was pretty cool was that there was a cell phone charging station. That was a pretty unique and useful idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if I start seeing it at more events.


After checking out the skateboarding contest I took a look at what the vendors had to offer. As an etsy.com addict I already have an appreciation for handmade goods and there were plenty of them. It was a joy to check out all the creative things people made and sold.

Artwork for sale at Afro Punk Festival 2012

Jewelry for sale at Afro Punk Festival 2012

Pink Wig For Sale at Afro Punk Festival


I ended up buying myself two pairs of earrings.

I also grabbed a free sample of Hair Rules hydrating finishing cream along with a cute little button

Over all I dug the peaceful loving vibe of the event. I love it any time people of all colors, sexes, and ages get together and there’s no drama.

My only regret is that I couldn’t stay to catch Erykah Badu’s performance. But I’ll definitely be back for day 2 with Janelle Monae. Stay tuned folks part 2 is comming right up.

Be Bonafide Magazine Launch Party

I spent my Friday night attending the launch party for Be Bonafide magazine. Be Bonafide is a natural hair magazine made for everyday women and features every day women.

I’ve been natural for a little over three years now so when I heard that there was going to be a magazine for natural hair I was really excited. There’s really a void in the magazine market when it comes to natural hair. Most black hair magazines have a section dedicated to natural hair. But there aren’t really any magazines dedicated solely to natural hair.

The event was held at the wonderful NY Tracks Cafe in Brooklyn, NY.

Since I was one of the early birds I was able to get a free copy of the magazine.

It was definitely a pleasure to read. My favorite parts were the DIY hair conditioner recipe, the editorial on the history of black hair during slavery, and the diary entry (a personal account of what led Cassie Morales, the editor-in-chief, to go natural).

Since I had arrived early I had time to enjoy the food. I had a salmon burger and sweet potato fries (my new addiction). It was delicious!

I was also able to grab a photo-op with editor-in-chief Cassie Morales


The event was off to a late start but it was definitely worth the wait. First Cassie took the stage to explain her motivation behind creating the magazine and also gave a description of the content.


Then there was a beautiful live performance from spoken word artist The Werdsman.


At the end of the night everyone received a free jar of Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding. I can’t wait to try it out on my hair.


Overall it was definitely a great night with some great people. I definitely will be reading future issues of Be Bonafide magazine. If you’re interested in reading the first issue you can get your copy here.

Drake & J.Cole Club Paradise Concert

Hey there peoples!

Want to know what I did this weekend? I went to the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach to see the Club Paradise Concert!

Cool right? So I got there at around 6:30pm. The show wasn’t scheduled to start until 7 so I had plenty of time to take in the scenery.

I’m a big fan of beaches and water as well as music and concerts so I have to say being at a concert right by the water was GREAT for me.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only did the concert start on time…it actually started early! 2 Chains was first to perform and he went on at 6:50 on the dot.

The crowd definitely loved this guy. Next up was Meek Mill.

After that was Waka Flocka Flame. From this point on everyone would have some type of live instrument on the stage. I thought that was cool. Waka Flocka had crazy energy. He even ran into the crowd at some point. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pics of that though.

Now don’t get me wrong the other opening acts were cool but this is the part where they got to the acts I REALLY came to see. I looooovvvvess me some JCole! I got super excited when I saw this little sign on the stage.

The sun was beginning to set when J.Cole took the stage. He performed all of my favorites like, Workout, In the Morning, and Can’t Get Enough. I was little disappointed he didn’t do Mr Nice Watch though.

Here’s some video of J.Cole performing In the Morning.

Finally after the sun had completely set is was time for the headliner to take the stage. Yup, you guessed it….none other than Mr Aubrey Drake Graham…better known as Drake.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a really good shot of him because this guy just don’t not stay still at all. That’s definitely a good thing of course. He definitely puts a lot of energy in his performances. He definitely didn’t come alone either. All of the opening acts (except for J.Cole) made cameo appearances during Drake’s performance. But he didn’t stop with the other rappers that were on the bill to perform. He brought out a lot of surprise guests as well such as, French Montana, The Weeknd, Busta Rhymes, Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and dancehall artist Mavado. I love that he took some time out during the show just to show his fans some special attention. I was overall entertained though I do think he overdid it on the guest appearances. There were some hits he left out of his set (i.e. Best I Ever Had and Find Your Love) that he probably would have had time to perform if he didn’t have so many guests. But over all I definitely had a good night at the Club Paradise Concert. Here’s some more video.

Marvin’s Room (Pardon the Shakiness)

Stay Schemin’