Mizz Moodie Live With Montique Stephon of Zenity Fitness


Mizz Moodie interviews and discusses the 90 day rule with Montique Stephon of Zenity Fitness.


Is It Still Worth It To Be The Good Girl?


Tonight Luck Izborne returns to discuss whether or not it’s still worth it to be the good girl or do nice girls finish last.

That Awkward Moment When He Thinks You Like Him But You Don’t

I wish I had a dollar for every time a male friend has told me that if a guy is being nice to me there’s a very slim chance he’s only looking for friendship.  I understand that may be true but I wish men would understand that it’s not the same for us women, particularly us friendly and polite women.

Personally, I’m friendly to everyone.  It’s not because I’m interested in every guy I come across.  It’s simply because I’m a polite and friendly person.  If you smile at me I’m going to smile back.  If you make a joke and I find it funny I’m going to laugh. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get me in the sack.  I’m just being courteous.

Another thing I wish men understood is then when a woman turns you down gently she probably isn’t playing hard to get.  She’s probably doing just what I said, letting you down easy.  As females we understand how hard it is to deal with rejection and feeling unwanted so we don’t want you to feel bad we just want to let you know we’re not interested. Plain and simple.

A no with a smile is still a no.  The purpose of the smile is just to soften the blow of rejection.  Don’t try to change her mind. Don’t ignore what she’s telling you and continue to chase her anyway. Even if she was just playing hard to get, is that what you really want? Do you really want a girl who plays games? When a real woman like’s a man she’ll say so and she’ll act like it. Period.

Basically the message I’m trying to get across here is that if a woman say she isn’t interested, even if she’s being nice about it, believe her.  She’s probably telling the truth. In the words of Greg Behrendt…SHE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Well he didn’t exactly say that but you get my point.

I Don’t Care If Black Men Like White Women

I wish I had the link to the article that inspired this post but unfortunately I don’t. It doesn’t matter anyway I’ve seen a million articles in the same vein anyway. The article I’m talking about is one that had a lot of African-American female’s having fits. It was about the reasons that black men prefer white women.

I didn’t bother to get upset about the article and here’s why. First off, it’s bullshit anyway. There’s this stereotype that all white women are really freaky, and submissive, and don’t give problems and all black men prefer that. Nope. Not true. Not all white women are doormats. Not all black men want a doormat. Steve Harvey just made a fortune off of a book that advises women to quit being doormats. Do you think he’d do that if all black men wanted a doormat?

Furthermore, not all black women are angry, neck rolling, finger snapping, drama queens. We know how to be ladylike too. We know how to make our men feel good to. Our men know this. I don’t buy into any of these stupid stereotypes.

So what if some black men happen to like white women? Does that make black women any less beautiful or loveable? Does that make it impossible to find a man who will love us? Does that even mean that those same guys don’t like black women? Nope! I wish more black women would realize this. Often the case is simple. Black men just like beautiful women…period! Cue Young Money’s Every Girl.

Lastly the biggest reason I don’t really care if black men like white women is because frankly I like white men, and latino men, and just beautiful men in general. Also if you haven’t noticed yet, men of other races find black girls attractive too. Chris Noth, Robert DeNiro, Robin Thicke, and David Bowie are all with beautiful black women.

I’m no stranger to dating outside of my race. As a matter of fact my longest relationship to date is with someone not of my race. It doesn’t at all mean that I don’t love black men. Of course I love black men. I just don’t limit myself to only dating one race. So why would I blame black men for doing the same? Love is a huge blessing no matter the package it comes in.

Which Would You Choose?

The pic to the right is a screen shot of tweets in my timeline. I thought they were interesting and they got me thinking. It seems like in today’s dating world one often has to choose between true feelings and pure logic.

What I mean by that is…the person you normally have the most feelings for is rarely ever that person that treats you the way a person should be treated in a perfect world. So often you forced to choose between the person who does everything they’re supposed to and the person you actually love.

Now I’m not saying that it’s impossible be truly in love with the person that treats you properly. I’ve seen fairy tale relationships with my own two eyes. But I’ve also seen a lot of people in relationships with people they don’t truly love just because it makes logical sense for then to be together. And I’ve also seen people hopelessly glued to the object of their affections that also takes them through an endless cycle of pleasure and pain.

My question is for those who don’t have the fairy tale. My question is for those who’ve been in the perfect but perfectly boring relationship with the person they don’t really care for. My question is for those fight hard and passionately to make it work with the person that never seems to get it right but you love them to death any way.

Which is the better scenario? Is it better to be in a good but passionless relationship or is it better to be in a passionate relationship (or pseudo relationship) that will never live up to your (or anyone else’s) idea of what a relationship should be?