Mizz Moodie at Street Poets NYC Open Mic


Me singing her song How Can I with the Danny Severance Band at Street Poets NYC Open Mic


Will You Read Trouble & Triumph?


TI has released the sequel to his first novel Power & Beauty earlier this month. I read Power & Beauty and seeing as it ended on a cliffhanger I’m actually quite excited to read Trouble & Triumph. Urban novels usually aren’t my cup of tea but I have made some exceptions in the past and won’t mind making another for Trouble and Triumph.

I wouldn’t call Power & Beauty a literary masterpiece but it did hold my attention and I did find it entertaining. Most of the books I start reading I never finish so the fact that I finished it at all speaks volumes. I have hopes for Trouble & Triumph.

What do you think? Have you read Power & Beauty? Will you read Trouble & Triumph?

What Happened to the Put it in a Love Song Video?

Alicia Keys finally addressed why the video for Put it in a Love Song (a collaboration with her and Beyonce) never saw the light of day in Essence magazine. According to Alicia “the whole thing, for some reason or another, didn’t quite come together” so they “just decided to leave it”.  With an answer that vague I don’t even know why she bothered to answer the question to be perfectly honest. She might as well just said no comment.

Anyway I’m pretty upset the video never came out.  Judging from the pics it looked like it would’ve been a really nice video.  I think Beyonce and Alicia should give the fans what they want to release it.  What do you think.  Do you want to see the video for Put it in a Love song?

Rihanna at the I Heart Radio Music Festival

I didn’t get to catch the live streaming of day 1 of the I Heart Radio music festival online but after seeing Rihanna post a few pic on instagram from the night I had to check it out.  I was absolutely crazy in love with her Jeremy Scott sequin jersey dress.

She looked absolutely amazing and does the tomboy look well.

As far as her actual musical performances go I know Rihanna gets a lot of criticism for not really going hard on choreography but I actually dig her laid back approach to performing.  I’m still entertained by her even though she plays it cool, or maybe I’m just biased because I’m half Bajan lol.

Anyways check out her performance of Where Have You Been below.

So what do you think? Are you loving Rihanna’s outfit? Are you loving her performance?

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