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Politically Incorrect

Disclaimer: Anyone who is easily offended or uninterested in hear the raw uncensored truth may want to head on over to someone else’s sugar-coated blog right now. My intention is to shoot straight from the hip on this one.

With that said, in a previous post I mentioned my displeasure with people turning politics into personal affairs. But in that previous post I was concentrating mostly on political debates among friends. It’s a much sadder sight to see well-known newspapers and actual politicians turning politics into a reality show drama by straying away from the issues and making things too personal.

Seeing the front page of today’s New York Daily News really upset me. The headline read “How Many More Mr. President?”. It was implying that the recent tragedy involving the shooting an a movie theater in Colorado was somehow President Obama’s fault. When I went to nydailynews.com the front page mentioned similar incidents at Columbine High School and Virgina Tech. Are they serious?

When I read the article they mentioned things like this wouldn’t happen if there were more gun control laws. If memory serves me correctly, no one was crying about gun control laws when former vice president Dick Cheyney shot someone in the face while hunting. Furthermore, no one was crying about gun control laws when the shooting at Virgina Tech happened either.

It doesn’t make any logical sense whatsoever for the Daily News to even bring Virgina Tech or Columbine up. Those didn’t even happen during Obama’s presidency. Virgina Tech happened when George W. Bush was president. When George W. Bush was running for re-election against John Kerry republicans didn’t want gun control. It was one of the things they used against Kerry because he was pro gun control. Now suddenly it’s a huge issue? Now suddenly it’s Obama’s fault?

Let’s be real here. Let’s be 100% honest about what’s going on. They don’t have a problem with Obama’s policies. They have a problem with his skin color! Yes I said it. Yes I just played the race card. But it’s the truth.

George W. Bush got away with a whole host of crimes that got buried in the media but Obama gets crucified daily for things that aren’t even his fault. It’s not even a republican vs democrat issue because Bill Clinton didn’t have to deal with nearly as much unnecessary criticism as Obama. Yes he came under fire for the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal but for the most part it was laughed off. If Obama ever got caught doing anything like that the media would tear him a new one.

This has nothing at all to do with policy making. People just have a problem with seeing a black man in the white house.

This brings me back to my original point. Politics aren’t politics anymore. It’s a popularity contest. It’s no longer about logic, or facts or the issues. It’s about who people like and don’t like.

For the record, I never cared that Bill Clinton received fellatio from his intern in the oval office. I don’t care if the president is good or bad-looking. I don’t care if the president is friendly or if he can relate to me or if I can picture myself having a cup of tea with him in my living room. I don’t care about his sexual preference or if he cheats on his wife.

The bottom line is the only thing I care about is whether or not the president can do his job and do it effectively. Everything else is irrelevant.

Random Thoughts on Discussing Politics

As we get closer to another presidential election I’ve been mentally preparing for the frenzy of people arguing each other down in support of their favorite candidate. If someone asks you who you’re voting for, you better have the right answer or they may just insult your mother, or slap you in the face.

If anyone reading this knows me personally they know I used to be a political science major. I actually started college in a really huge election year, 2004. For those who don’t know that’s the year George W. Bush got re-elected.

As you would imagine I’m no stranger to debating politics with peers. Unfortunately this is the very reason I ended up changing my major. Politics seems to be one of the worst topics to discuss with someone who doesn’t agree with you. I’m not saying being passionate about politics is a bad thing. To the contrary I think more people should get informed on the issues and take a stance.

What I am saying is people tend to put way to much energy on wining an argument and not enough of exchanging ideas. When political debates start taking a turn for the worse they begin to get entirely too personal. I’ve seen friendships end over heated arguments on political views. It got to a point where I was afraid to tell people I was political science major because I knew the next question would be what did I think about the war on Iraq. Then I knew people would be ready to jump down my throat if I said the wrong answer. Eventually I lost my love of discussing politics altogether and changed my major.

People have lost sight of the purpose debating, particularly among friends. The point is to exchange ideas. Each person presents their stance on an issue and they can either agree or disagree. If you can get the other person to change their opinion to match yours then that’s great, but they aren’t obligated to. And no that doesn’t give you the right to insult them personally or curse at them. Afterall the first amendment garuntees us all the right to free speech (or so we’re told). You don’t have to like what anyone says but they still have the right to say it whether you like it or not.

My question is how do heated arguments help the country exactly? Why do people put so much energy in winning an argument about politics and not enough energy into actually getting up and doing something to advance their cause? It’s about more than just voting. If people are passionate enough about their political views to curse others out over them, then why don’t they channel that energy into something productive…like organizing a protest or a fund-raiser? Does ranting and raving and cursing people out ever really accomplish anything?