Pics From Afro Punk Festival Day 2

If I could say anything about Afro Punk Fest day 2 it would be that it was way more crowded than day 1.  Word definitely spread about this very cool event.  Day 1 I was able to walk in without a problem or delay.  Day 2 there was a line that stretched all the way around the block.  Luckily it moved pretty quickly.

When I made it in the first thing that caught my eye was the group of people dancing their hearts out to the hip hop music the dj was playing.  The energy was crazy.  I wished I couldn’t join them but I wasn’t wearing proper dance attire.

Next I spotted something going on in the same are where they had the skating contest.  Only this time there weren’t only skateboards there were bikes too.  Again I’d never seen anybody do tricks like these on a bike in person before.  For some reason I was less nervous about the bikers injuring themselves (as opposed to the nervousness I felt when I watched the skaters).

I was able to grab some footage of the biking. Check it out.

After the biking I headed over to a different side of the park to enjoy whatever live performances were going on and ran into Jimmy McMillan aka Mr “the rent is too damn high!”.

I asked him for a photo before telling him that I agreed with him wholeheartedly.  The rent is too high. He responded’ “No the rent is too DAMN high”. lol.

After walking around a little longer I found the Nakimuli tent among the vendors. I spotted some friends of mine there.


I stopped to stay hi to my friends The Architect, JonnyGo Figure, and Amina Gonzales (creator of the Made By AG jewelry line).


After having a friendly chat with my homies I went to spread my blanket, sit on the grass and enjoy the atmosphere as I waited for Janelle Monae to perform. The day before I had missed Erykah Badu’s performance so I definitely didn’t want to miss Janelle Monae.


I had a good view of the Brooklyn Navy Yard


Unfortunately I sat in the grass for so long I missed the first few minutes of Janelle Monae’s performance. I was sitting on side of the park while she was performing on the other side.  By the time I got to the right side of the park I didn’t exactly have the best view.  This is best pic I could get of the performance.  My friend (who is considerably taller than me) had to take it for me.


I still enjoyed the show very much despite my not having a good view.  I never paid Janelle Monae much attention before this night but I left definitely wanting to hear more.

Overall I totally enjoyed my Afro Punk experience.  I’ll definitely be back next year.


Pics From Afro Punk Festival Day 1

I was super excited to attend Afro Punk Festival 2012. I love outdoor events like this. It was held in Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn NY (my hometown of course).

The first think I did when I entered the park was take a look at who was on the stage. There wasn’t anyone performing though. They were in between sets.

So next I took a look at the skateboarding contest. It was pretty cool.

I really enjoyed watching because I’d never seen a skateboarding contest before. However, I have seen the tv series Scarred (where they show a whole bunch horrific freak accidents that happened during skateboarding, biking, roller blading, etc). Most of the time I was nervous someone would hurt themself. Here’s some footage of the skateboarding.

There were also live performances during the skateboarding contest. You can hear them in the video. Here is a picture of one of the performers.


What I also thought was pretty cool was that there was a cell phone charging station. That was a pretty unique and useful idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if I start seeing it at more events.


After checking out the skateboarding contest I took a look at what the vendors had to offer. As an addict I already have an appreciation for handmade goods and there were plenty of them. It was a joy to check out all the creative things people made and sold.

Artwork for sale at Afro Punk Festival 2012

Jewelry for sale at Afro Punk Festival 2012

Pink Wig For Sale at Afro Punk Festival


I ended up buying myself two pairs of earrings.

I also grabbed a free sample of Hair Rules hydrating finishing cream along with a cute little button

Over all I dug the peaceful loving vibe of the event. I love it any time people of all colors, sexes, and ages get together and there’s no drama.

My only regret is that I couldn’t stay to catch Erykah Badu’s performance. But I’ll definitely be back for day 2 with Janelle Monae. Stay tuned folks part 2 is comming right up.

Dominique Dawes Natural Hair Story

 I never seemed to be able to get past shoulder length with my relaxed hair, it would always get to my shoulders and start breaking off and I’d have to chop it off and start over.

-Dominique Dawes

I identify with this quote so much because that’s exactly how my natural hair story began as well.  I could never get my hair to grow past a certain length.  I would have a year or so of growth then it would always break around the same time and I’d have to cut it and start over.  It’s nice to see that I wasn’t alone with this problem.  Read the rest on Curly Nikki.

Michael Phelps Does A Louis Vuitton Ad

So it looks like Michael Phelps is getting his model on.  The picture above is his ad for Louis Vuiton.  Check the full story here.

Sidenote: What’s up the all the shade being thrown at Ryan Lochte for rockin a grill? The dude likes urban culture is that a crime? Let the man live.

Congrats to the Greatest Olympic Champion of All Time

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has had his last Olympic swim last night. He now ends his Olympic career with 22 medals: 18 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze. He now holds the record for having the most gold medals of all time, winning the most gold medals in a single Olympic games, and having the most medals of all time. He’s nothing short of amazing. Congratulations Michael Phelps. GO TEAM USA!

Dominique Dawes Passes the Torch to Gabby Douglas

It’s always a beautiful sight to see black women supporting each other.   I’ve always been a huge supporter of the Olympics games.  But unlike most of my friends my favorite sports weren’t basketball and track and field.  Though I do enjoy watching those sports too my favorite sports were always gymnastics and swimming.

I remember when Dominique Dawes became the first and only African-American woman to win a gold medal in artistic gymnastics back in 1996.  I was 9 years old and I thought she was the coolest chick in the world.  I even wanted to be a gymnast myself because of her, though of course I ended up changing my mind about that.

It was great to see another black female win Olympic gold in gymnastics this year.  Seeing Gabby Douglas win a gold medal brought back memories of when I used to be so excited to watch Dominique Dawes compete.  I’m glad I got to see another African-American female win gold in gymnastics in my lifetime.  And I’m glad Dominique Dawes is supporting her.  Great job ladies! Click here to get the full story.