New Music: Paws

Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon on the Cover of Rolling Out Magazine

Lil Scrappy ’bout to put dem PAWS on ya’ll! lmao!

So apparently Lil Scrappy is capitalizing on his new catch phrase.  For those who managed to avoid watching the train wreck that was Love and Hiphop Atlanta the phrase came from a situation in which the infamous Stevie J called Lil Scrappy’s now fiancé Erica Dixon a bitch.  Of course Lil Scrappy found that to be rather disrespectful and announces that he wanted to “put them paws on him”.  He stood by his word and the phrase has been associated with Lil Scrappy ever since.

Now Scrappy is further embracing his new catch phrase by making a song inspired by it.  What do you think? Are you feeling it?


Tamar Braxton Sings the National Anthem

Tamar Braxton is mostly known for being Toni Braxton’s very outspoken  youngest sister on the show Braxton Family Values.  Although she often complained about being tired of singing background for Toni and wanting to step out and be a star in her own right, I haven’t seen her do much else other than cause a stir on reality tv.

I happen to know Tamar can sing only because I’ve done some background research and dug up her old self titled album she released in the early 2000s.  However I’ve been dying to hear something recent from her. Although this video isn’t her singing an original song it’s nice to see her grab attention for her beautiful vocals and not her over the top personality for once.

Oh and just for fun here is a video from that self titled album I mentioned.

Would You Watch an A Different World Remake?

I came across this article that featured some tweets from Debbie Allen expressing interest in doing a remake of the late 80s to early 90s sit com A Different World.  For those of you who don’t know A Different World as a sit com that explored the lives of black young adults attending a HBCU.

I used to LOVE that show.  I even used to have a pair of fake Dwayne Wayne glasses when I was younger.  I used to get in trouble for wearing them to class in elementary school.

Although generally I don’t like the idea of remakes (I prefer people come up with new fresh original ideas) I really wouldn’t mind at all to see this show updated and back on the air.  With reality trash tv running rampant I find myself longing for more scripted shows and more quality television in general.  Also it wouldn’t hurt to have more positive black images on tv.  The younger generation would greatly benefit from seeing a show about black young adults going to college as opposed to black girls fighting in the club on a reality show.

What do you think? Do you think a remake of A Different World would be a good idea?

Oh and just a side note, I LOVED the theme song too. Check it out. Take a close listen and tell me of you recognize the voice of the woman singing.  (Hint: Check the tags on this post)

Thoughts on Rihanna’s Interview With Oprah

I know I’m late posting on this but I still wanted to share my thoughts on Rihanna’s Oprah interview.  What I liked the most about the interview is seeing a softer side of Rihanna.  In the public eye she’s always so hard and hyper sexual and somewhat masculine.  It was definitely a breath of fresh air to see her soft and vulnerable.

I was able to relate to a lot of the topics discussed in her interview.  I lost my grandmother to cancer last year just as Rihanna lost her grandmother to cancer this year.  Hearing her talk about comparing everyone visiting her and being by her side to party made me remember my own grandmother and how she was also smiling and joking all the way to the end.  It was very touching.

Another part that stood out to me was when she said in the beginning she had to fake being comfortable with her sexuality.  I always thought her super raunchy image wasn’t something entirely of her own doing.  I always felt the people behind her probably pushed her to make that her image.  Not to say Rihanna isn’t a sexual being.  All women are.  I just never thought it was truly as blatant and her image portrayed.  It was nice to hear her admit that it didn’t come naturally.

Lastly of course I have thought on the segment about Chris Brown.  Though I was never physically abused I felt like I could relate somewhat to her feelings as well.  I particularly relate to the part when she compares Chris Brown to her father.  Oprah goes on to mention the connection between a girl’s relationship with her father very highly affects her relationships with me.  I couldn’t agree more. I’ve often found that my relationships tend to bear a striking resemblance to the relationship I once had with my father (which was very one-sided).  And I’ve also found that improving my relationship with my father has also helped me heal from past heart breaks and to move on with a clean slate.

Overall I think every female will probably find something to relate to Rihanna’s Oprah interview.  Check out the full interview here.

Will You Watch R&B Diva’s?

TV One is coming out with a new reality show set to debut August 20th called R&B Diva’s.  It’s about 5 R&B singers who were popular in the 90s and early 2000s coming together to record an album.  The 5 singers are Faith Evans Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert (from Brownstone), and Monifah.  Though I want to support R&B music I’d much rather see these ladies release some new hot music without putting their personal lives on blast.  Granted it doesn’t look quite as tasteless as Basketball Wives or Love and Hiphop.  It’s definitely got my curiosity. Click here to read more and to check out the latest trailer below.

Tatyana Ali Makes Fun Of Urban Reality TV

OK ok I confess.  Love and Hiphop Atlanta is one of my hugest guilty pleasures, ratchetess and all. However I don’t deny that it doesn’t help African-Americans at all in trying to clean up our image as a race.  Neither does Basketball Wives or any of those kinds of shows.  I applaud Tatyana Ali for this beautiful piece of satire here.  I actually laughed out loud. Check it out.