For You Michael


I’ve always wanted to do a tribute video for Michael Jackson. What better way to announce my embarking on this new journey with making music than to pay homage to my greatest idol on his birthday!


Why I Didn’t Go to Fashion’s Night Out

All the fashionistas out there already know what yesterday was.  It was the fourth annual Fashion’s Night Out.  This is night where fashion enthusiasts flock to their favorite stores for promotional events, discounts, possible celebrity sightings in some cases food and drinks.

I attented Fashion’s Night Out the first year by accident.  I happened to be out shopping anyway and heard a DJ playing loud music in Macys and I thought to myself “what the hell is going on?”.  I’d heard there would be this event called Fashion’s Night Out but I didn’t note the date nor did I realized I’d just stumbled upon it by chance.

I’ve tried to go in subsequent years but every year something more important comes up and Fashion’s Night Out takes a backseat every time.  I’m never psyched enough over Fashion’s Night Out to make it a priority. Why you ask?

  1. I shop when I feel like it, not when I’m told to. This is the precise reason I’ve never been keen on killing myself for Black Friday sales either.  Most of the time I know what I want and when I want it and I get it then and there.  If it happens to be on sale then great! But i’m usually not keen on buying something I didn’t want/need before just because it’s cheap or on sale.
  2. I’m not big on crowds.  I don’t like having to elbow my way through crowds of people just to shop. I don’t like long lines either. I’m notorious for shopping at times when stores are least likely to be crowded (like when I have a week day off and I can go in the middle of the day).
  3. I’m a chronic online shopper.  I’ve become addicted to skipping stores altogether and having what I want delivered to me. Especially since now sites are beginning to offer free shipping when u spend a certain amount of money.  I mentioned earlier I wasn’t big on Black Friday but I’m all for Cyber Monday.  Shopping online makes it so much easier to multi task. I can shop around and compare prices without leaving my house. Like I said earlier most of the time I know exactly what I want before hand. Online shopping allowes me to just type in what I’m looking for and BOOM it’s on my computer screen in seconds. I love it!

It would be wrong of me to not warn against the dangers of online shopping though.  First off when you’re buying clothes in particuler it’s a bit of a disadvantage to not be able to try them on first. It’s also a lot harder to return things you regret buying. And of course there’s the occasional online scammer that takes your money but doesn’t send you anything.  Still despite it’s drawbacks I’m still a huge fan of shopping online.

At this point you’re probably wondering what I did instead of going to Fashion’s Night Out this year.  I watched the MTV Video Music Awards of course! I haven’t missed an MTV Video Music Award show since 1994 when Michael Jackson made out with Lisa Marie Presley.  I couldn’t break 18 years of tradition.

So do you go to Fashion’s Night Out? How was it?

Bad 25th Anniversary

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s seventh studio album Bad.  The album will be re-released with bonus live tracks as well as a dvd with live performances. 

Personally I’m just happy they didn’t let today’s artists remix any tracks from Bad.  I don’t think Thriller 25 came even remotely close to doing Thriller any justice at all.  I think it was best to just leave Michael’s classic songs alone. 

Bad 25 is set to be released Sept 18th 2012.  Will you be getting a copy?

Just for fun here’s my favorite song and video from Bad. I abolutey LOVE the vocal arrangement on the chorus.

In Loving Memory of Michael Joseph Jackson

So today makes three years since Michael Jackson passed away. To be honest I wasn’t expecting the attention to die down so quickly. Two years ago on this same day I could jump out of bed and turn on ANY radio station and hear Michael Jackson all day long. Or I could turn on any music tv channel whether it be MTV, MTV Hits , VH1 Soul, etc, and see a Michael Jackson music videos, or Michael Jackson interviews or tv specials playing all day long. Now this morning I had to bypass most radio stations and go straight to the classic R&B station to hear some MJ. And even then it’s not like they were playing him all day. They would just play a Michael Jackson song here or there and go back to their regular playlists.

In 2009, and 2010 Spike Lee hosted the Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson event in Prospect Park. I had a blast both years. It would’ve happened in 2011 but it got cancelled because of hurricane Irene. I’ve been googling it for a the past few days and there’s no sign of it going down in 2012.

I didn’t even bother with MTV or MTV Hits today. Thankfully VH1 was playing a Michael Jackson video playlist. But that was pretty much it. Now if I want to hear Michael Jackson all day it would have to be via Pandora Radio (which I’m doing right now as I type fyi). I always understood that there would come a day when Michael Jackson’s death wouldn’t matter to people as much. I just didn’t expect it to happen to so soon.

Tupac died 15 (about to be 16) years ago and there’s no need to make a big deal about the anniversary of his death because they still play him on the radio so much it’s like he never died. Biggie died 15 years ago and they still make a big deal about the anniversary of his death. Then again I do live in Brooklyn so of course I’m going to see a lot of love for Biggie. I wouldn’t have any idea how it goes outside of NY. Aaliyah died 10 (about to be 11) years ago and people still make a big deal about the anniversary of her death. I don’t understand why after only three years it seems like people have forgotten about the king of pop.

But anyway with that said I just wanted to let the world know I didn’t forget. Below are some of my favorite Michael Jackson moments. RIP MJ.

MJ the Mic Hog

This was a funny Michael Jackson moment. This is actually footage from a Diana Ross concert and she asks Michael to join her on stage and dude totally jacks the mic from here and doesn’t give it back. Hilarious!

1995 MTV VMAs
Mike was 37 when he did this performance and he still killed it!

and last by not least…..

Motown 25

No it’s not just the Billie Jean performance it’s the whole thing. The whole performance was good.