What Are Your Thoughts On The Zimmerman Verdict Pt 2


Me and returning guest Jamell Henderson discuss the Zimmerman verdict over 100 days later


Does Old Slick Willy Get to Keep His Ghetto Pass After This?

Once upon a time in a land called the United States of America there was president named William J Clinton who cheated on his wife in the oval office. The African-American community in this great land found this amusing and often joked that dear William was the closest they’d ever had to having a black president. After all not only did dear William cheat on his wife, he also smoked marijuana and played saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show.


Now let’s fast forward a couple of years to when this great land called the United States of America was actually on the brink of having a real black president. This presidential hopeful named Barack Obama just so happened to be running against the same wife dear William cheated on for the democratic nomination. That would be Mrs Hillary Clinton. And how does dear William react you may wonder? He says he says, and I quote: “A few years ago this guy would’ve been carrying our bags”. You can read it for yourself here. Really though Bill?

I mean it’s no secret Bill Clinton isn’t the biggest fan of President Obama. He’s openly criticized his policies and called him incompetent on more than one occasion (random side note: if Obama is incompetent then what the hell was Bush?). Bill Clinton is entitled to his opinion even if I wholeheartedly disagree with him. What makes me upset is, how could this man who once had support and love of the African-American community turn around and insult them by making such racist remarks? He totally just spit on every black person that voted for him in both 1992 and 1996.

Secondly, I’m just extremely annoyed that I still have to hear crap like this in 2012!!!! In 2012 I still have to complain about not being seen as equal to everyone else because of my skin color???

Hey guess what Bill. My skin is dark and my hair is nappy. That doesn’t make me inferior to anyone. Get over it!

This is stupidness I’d expect from the GOP not from dear old democratic Slick Willy. I’m so disappointed