Mizz Moodie You Rehearsal


I said in my last post that I was going to be getting into music. Well here I am a woman of my word lol. This is just a little taste of something I’ve been working on. Hope you all enjoy 🙂


What Happened to the Power Ballads?

So I was listening to a song on my ipod while I was on my lunch break at work.  It was a song by Christina Aguilera called Bound to You from the Burlesque soundtrack.  It was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Not only is it a truly beautiful song but while I was listening to it I came to realize it’s a beautiful power ballad.  This song was released at the end of 2010.

Since then I’ve only heard one other power ballad from a mainstream artist.  That was Beyonce’s 1+1.  Now of course I’m not saying that there haven’t been any other power ballads made since late 2010. But I am saying they’ve become scarce in mainstream music. 

I remember the days when singing a power ballad live was the only way to prove you  had real singing talent.  It seems like today nobody really cares if you can really sing.  It’s all about the look and the catchy hook.

I wonder if this is why R&B music on a whole is on the decline.  Today when I listen to mainstream radio everything is either straight hiphop or straight pop or some blend of hip hop and pop.  There’s hardly ever any soul.

Even artists who do have good voices have to dumb themselves down to sell records.  Remember the days when Mariah Carey actually used to make good use of that crazy voice of hers.  Remember those songs like Hero and Butterfly?  Now she does songs like Up Out My Face with Nicki Minaj.

The ladies that actually do make use of their beautiful voices like Melanie Fiona and Jennifer Hudson hardly ever get airplay in mainstream radio.  It’s like I have to go on a major search mission to find some good R&B.

Don’t get me wrong I love hip hop and pop too. I love to dance to the up tempo stuff and shake my booty in the club to some hip hop but what exactly am I supposed to listen to when I want to hear to something soulful?